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AA99® is a MindBeauty registered brand that specifically caters to the growing need for anti-viral and anti-bacterial personal use and home products. AA99® products are highly reusable thus limiting environmental impact on a global scale while maintaining lab-certified efficacy.


The founder and CEO of MindBeauty Group (Joei Lau), has been living in Japan since 1995 and has seen the enormous global mask shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic which prompted her to take action by adopting Japan’s mask culture and introducing advanced technologies from Japan, to create the AA99® brand to offer effective, affordable and more environmentally friendly solutions to a global health crisis.

Joei hopes that through this epidemic, the people of Hong Kong will become accustomed to using anti-viral and anti-bacterial products in their everyday lives. In addition, we hope that the high-quality and stylish design of AA99® will lead fabric masks as a trendy fashion item in anticipation of a long-time battle against the coronavirus! More than 48 new colours are currently in development and will be launched as soon as they are ready.


Kiu said,  "I really like your mask, the package is very practical, I especially like it was sealed with a sticker which is very hygienic. The instruction attached inside was clear and clean, stating that the mask is ready to be used immediately. The material and design fit my face shape perfectly, it wraps me extremely comfortable."

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