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About AA99®


AA99® is a MindBeauty registered brand that specifically caters to the growing need for anti-viral and anti-bacterial personal use and home products. AA99® products are highly reusable thus limiting environmental impact on a global scale while maintaining lab-certified efficacy.


The founder and CEO of MindBeauty Group (Joei Lau), has been living in Japan since 1995 and has seen the enormous global mask shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic which prompted her to take action by adopting Japan’s mask culture and introducing advanced technologies from Japan, to create the AA99® brand to offer effective, affordable and more environmentally friendly solutions to a global health crisis.

Joei hopes that through this epidemic, the people of Hong Kong will become accustomed to using anti-viral and anti-bacterial products in their everyday lives. In addition, we hope that the high-quality and stylish design of AA99® will lead fabric masks as a trendy fashion item in anticipation of a long-time battle against the coronavirus! More than 48 new colours are currently in development and will be launched as soon as they are ready.

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